nơ cài áo tiểu thư sang trọng - darling.ism

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nơ cài áo tiểu thư sang trọng - darling.ism
chiếc nơ xinh xắn bạn có thể phối với các loại áo kiểu, đầm đều rất đẹp.
- màu sắc: đen
- chiều dài nơ: 20cm
- chất liệu: ruy băng dày dặn kết thủ công tỉ mỉ
- phía sau nơ có khoá cài, bạn mở và cài vào áo, váy nhé.

hotline: 0913886705
email: darlingism.concept@gmail.com


 • darling.ism does not accept any return requests if the product(s) are not defective on the part of the manufacturer! Please be sure about the color, fabric, shape and size chart before ordering, if you have any questions about the product, please contact darling.ism for advice and support before ordering.

• shop supports size change and does not accept exchange for other products.

• Each product is supported to change size 1 time.

• The cost incurred and change size 2 way you will pay with the carrier.

• The shop only supports shipping and exchange fees for the following cases: defective products, wrong model or wrong size.

• In case the size you need to exchange is out of stock, you can wait for the shop to restock or change to another product with the same or higher price than the purchased product.

• If any other problems arise, please contact darling.ism's Customer Care Center for the fastest support.

• after the allotted time frame, darling.ism reserves the right to refuse any request from you.


nơ cài áo tiểu thư sang trọng - darling.ism

nơ cài áo tiểu thư sang trọng - darling.ism


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