• Cotton Machine wash the product with cold water at moderate temperature, normal washing cycle. Dry on low heat.

• Linen Avoid washing linen clothes with hot water (above 40 degrees Celsius), use cool or cold water. Wash linen clothes gently, do not wring, twist or rub the garment vigorously. Use a low concentration of bleach. Make sure clothes are clean from soap before leaving them to dry.

• Tweed Due to the nature of the fabric, hand washing or dry cleaning is the best way to preserve a tweed outfit. dhi wash the tweed fabric without scrubbing hard, it will cause the surface to ruffle quickly and the fabric texture will be broken If there is a need to machine wash, put the tweed clothes in the laundry bag and then choose the "gentle wash" or "hand wash" mode to avoid damaging the clothes. At the end of the washing process, soak and rinse tweed clothes with fabric softener to help the fabric stay soft and not dry out after being exposed to detergents.

• Please note that fraying is a natural process that can sometimes occur with wool fibers. Washing products inside and out will help prevent hair fray and investing in an electric descaler will help get rid of them safely.


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